Standard Transmission

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Produced by Bruce Williamson
Recorded & Mixed by
Cookie Marenco at OTR Studios,
Belmont, CA
Recorded on May 20-21, 2009
Mastered by Stevin McNamara,
Ashland, OR

Cover Artwork by Shehrezad Maher
Musician Photographs by Dan Wood, David Belove, and David Silver
Cover Layout by John Bishop

Released 2010 on Origin Records

Bruce Williamson and Art Lande have been friends for practically forever. They met in Berkeley when Williamson was an altoist fresh out of college and Lande was already a well respected pianist and educator. Art Lande remembers, "Around 1974, Bruce found out that I had a music school in my house. I had a duo improvisation class that was free improvising. Bruce took some classes from me as a pianist. Around the sixth week, he finally played also and I realized that he was an amazing saxophonist. I asked him to join my band, Rubisa Patrol, and we played together in a later group, the Russian Dragon Band. Bruce became my best friend. We have stayed in touch all of these years. I love the warmth of his sound, his beautiful intonation and his creative ideas." Williamson adds, "We have played together in a lot of different settings and Art is on my septet record. He has been a real inspiration to me, being a prolific composer and a remarkable pianist."

The pianist remembers how the Standard Transmission project came about. "Bruce said to me, 'We've been playing together for 35 years and have never made a standards album, what do you think?' I thought it was a great idea so I got together my Bay area rhythm section of bassist Peter Barshay and drummer Alan Hall." Williamson explains, "I had played originals with Art in many settings through the years but we had never recorded standards before. We thought it'd be fun and fresh to just record some older tunes without much preparation. We used an old school approach, going into the recording studio with no prior rehearsal. We are so familiar with each other's playing that it came together quickly." Peter Barshay and Alan Hall were logical sidemen because, not only have they worked together extensively both with and without Lande, but they have a natural flow, the same time feeling, and an open-minded approach towards interpreting standards that was essential for this project.

Scott Yanow
Author of ten books including The Jazz Singers, Trumpet Kings, Bebop, Jazz On Record 1917-76, and Jazz On Film